Business INTENSIVE Retreat:

organize, sytematize & structure your business in 1 weekend!

If you are feeling STUCK in your business & are ready to play BIG, you are in the right place! Here is the TRUTH about being a business owner:

  • 30% of business owners are losing money
  • 30% of business owners are breaking even
  • And only 40% of business owners are making money

That means that there is a 60% chance that you, yes you, reading this right now are not making any money in your business. You are, my dear, what I call stuck in the SWAMP of business.

I am very familiar with the SWAMP. Do you know how I know this? I played small in business for almost TEN YEARS. I played small (beneath my potential and beneath my businesses’ potential) because of three things:

  • #1 I was scared to go outside my comfort zone (and look stupid)
  • #2 I hid behind my role as a wife & mother & used that as an EXCUSE
  • #3 I didn’t get the training I needed

Sound familiar to you? So the first thing I had to do was to put on my big girl shoes and decide I was ready to play!

Are you ready to play BIG in your business?

Free Coaching Session

If you are wondering if the Business Intensive Retreat is right for
you, I would love to offer you a free coaching session.

If you haven’t put your big girl shoes on yet, you aren’t ready for this Business Intensive.

This program is only for women who are READY to explode their business! Kinda sounds like a cheesy sales line, I know, but I am serious. If you want to keep:

  • sewing your crafts in your basement
  • passing out a bunch of business cards at networking groups that lead to nothing
  • and continue playing SMALL

. . . then this program really won’t help you. If you ARE ready to get your business out of your driveway, however, read on!

I don’t even know where to start because I have just gotten so much value from what you have shared with me. The 123 marketing, that whole sequencing, that whole system has
opened a new world for me
. It has been just huge for me. I really am doing a whole face-lift
on my business. It’s really exciting!
” -Cherie B.

The next step for you (after you decide you are tired of lame-o excuses like “I can’t do big things” or “I am just me” etc.) is to get some business training. I offer some seriously rock star training programs for $15,000. For a lot of business owners, that is a big GULP.

I get that not everyone has $15,000 to drop on your business, so I have created an affordable option. A weekend retreat that comes with content and training that you would get from a high-end coaching program.

I have listened to many-a-training that is, well, pretty fluffy. A lot of trainers are super motivational, and exciting, make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, and you leave wanting to take over the world, but you still don’t have a clue what the next step is for you.


Unfortunately for us all, I am not much of a motivational speaker. What I am is a content-heavy trainer that can lead you through all kinds of business processes that you can immediately implement in your business.

My students tell me it is like trying to drink from a fire hose. There is a litle bit of “Rah-Rah, you can do it!” thrown in for good measure by guest trainers, but by and large this will be content-intense business structure and strategy.

“My favorite thing about this program has been the Plug & Play System. It is a huge relief off my shoulders to know what am I supposed to do, where am I supposed to send people, what I give them, and how I sell. This has changed the way I do business!” -Tressa B.

So what is included in the Business Intensive Retreat you ask?

Day 1: Set your goals to Play BIG

  • Day 1 is all about determining where you are right now in your business, and what you would like that business to look like. We also spend time getting to know each other so the space is safe and comfortable to learn in a group.
  • What is your BIG Goal? What do you really want your business to look like? You will be lead through a process to determine exactly what you would like your business to look like, and then what you need to do step-by-step to get there. This day alone will be worth the cost of the entire program!
  • Personal Development training: You can’t grow your business if you are sabotaging yourself along the way. Business success takes skills on two planes: business training and mental training. I bring in the BEST personal development trainers to help and support you in your journey.

Day 2: Nothing but Marketing

  • Day 2 is all marketing, all day. This is the most important part of a business, and the most often neglected part of the business. Time to stop developing more products (although that is fun!) and start selling the products you already have!
  • We go through the process of building your entire marketing system. You will learn the AmTags marketing foundation, and the SelSum Marketing Plan. This takes all the guesswork out of marketing, and fills in holes that most businesses have.
  • You will build out your entire marketing program from building stuff, driving traffic, nurturing leads, converting sales, upselling, and affiliate offers. There is so much you don’t know you don’t know about marketing! Be prepared to be the marketing EXPERT after this intense day!

Day 3: Build your Plug & Play Business System

  • Day 3 is all about SYSTEMS. How do you build your business to run as efficiently as possible? How do you stop spinning your wheels, end the overwhelm and chaos, and run a smooth, streamlined business?
  • Organize your entire business by the Kim Flynn Cash Quadrant System. Determine what is actually making you money in all areas of your business. You will design your Plug & Play Business System for every area of your business: marketing, finance, product, customer service, and leadership.
  • Build a complete system to work IN your business AND work ON your business. After this training, you will walk into your office and you will know exactly what you need to do that day, that week, and that month to reach your goals. You will have focus, and a system in place that takes the guesswork out of how to reach your goals. It is pretty amazing stuff.

At the end of the Business Intensive, we take all of your notes that you have taken all weekend, and put them into the Business Plug & Play System–so you can execute on what you learn! This is what makes this retreat unlike any other–it’s all about IMPLEMENTING what you are learning . . . immediately!

What an awesome weekend, huh?

So here is your last chance. If you are ready to take on your business in a BIG way, this is my last invitation to you to purchase now.

I am excited to spend the weekend with you and your business!

Yours, Kim


1. What is the menu like?
Our caterers change depending on the location of the retreat, but we ask them to provide healthy, delicious options. We have the caterers provide an option for a vegetarian diet for every meal as well.

2. What if I don’t have very good computer skills?
The Plug & Play Business System is extensive, but not complicated. You will be very comfortable on how to use the system before we leave. You will receive one-on-one help to build the system.

3. How can I afford this if I have no money coming in?
The only way to make money in your business is by doing something different than you are doing now. The only way to know what you need to do differently is by getting training. If you want to grow your business, you will need to invest in education. There is no way around it. Get creative–people come up with all kinds of creative ways to afford things they REALLY need.

4. What are sleeping arrangements like?
You will be in a shared bedroom with other women. Get ready to channel your inner dorm girl.

5. How do I attend a retreat if I have small children at home?
You get to get creative. Ask your family to watch your children if your husband is not available. Three days away will not kill your children, I promise. :)

6. I would like to attend, but the next retreat date doesn’t work for me. How do I know retreat dates?
The dates are listed on the calendar at Look at Business INTENSIVE dates, not Mastermind Retreat dates.

7. Is this conference a sell-a-thon?
No. I don’t like multiple pitches by a bunch of different people any more than you do. I will not be discussing my higher end coaching programs at all, outside of an optional meeting during lunch. If you are interested in getting more coaching with me, you can attend that meeting.

8. Can my business partner attend?
Of course. I love working with business teams. Your business partners can attend at 50% off.

9. Can my husband come?
Yes, but you may get more out of the weekend if you attend alone. Just sayin’. Spouses can attend at 50% off.

10. Will there be men at the retreat?
Yes, there are usually a few brave men that come to play.

11. Can I attend as a male?
Yes, you are very welcome! We sometimes have up to 40% men in attendance. A warning though: you will have to check your ego at the door. :)

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